We work in partnership with educational organisations and groups across the world to provide outstanding leadership and personal development opportunities for individuals and teams in all sectors of education.

Our work is underpinned by a robust evidence base of what makes highly effective leadership and high quality teaching and learning across a range of educational organisations and countries.

We are committed to improving outcomes educationally, economically and socially and we track our impact, using what we learn to improve our offer.

Educational leadership is constantly evolving, and an underprepared leader can affect outcomes for learners. Our programmes lead to improved leadership capacity and more effective schools, academies and institutions. They help:
Develop people and their priorities
Improve teaching and learning

Quality and Accreditation
Our courses are designed and delivered by highly experienced facilitators who provide a practical and interactive approach to training across different phases and types of institution and in destinations around the world. After every session participants are encouraged to provide feedback which is then used to shape subsequent sessions. As well as being Quality Assured by Newcastle University, some of our courses can be accredited by the Chartered Management Institute. Various levels of award are available.

North Leadership Centre, School of Education, Communication and Languages Sciences, Newcastle University, Newcastle, NE1 7RU